I attended the Alzheimer's show in London and bought a pack of the Aquapaint papers. I just wanted to let you know that they went down a storm and I'm delighted with them. I had a class of 6 ladies doing arts and crafts, all of them have mid-stage dementia and all of them, including the 107 year old were able to enjoy Aquapaint. So thank you.

Andrea Harris, VSA Volunteer, Aberdeen 09-05-2013 (Aquapaint)

My mum loves the personalised jigsaws. They are a great idea and she finds them very satisfying.

Lesley Dick 29-06-12 (Jigsaw, Cards, Books)

I have been very impressed with the service and quality of products purchased from Active Minds, and they have provided a much needed purpose to my mother, whose many former activities have diminished as the result of her dementia.

Cherry Payne 29-06-12 (Puzzle, Aquapaint)

None other than the fact that they are incredibly useful and amazing

Tamsin 29-06-12 (Picture Books)

My mum loves the puzzles; she used to love doing jigsaw puzzles before she got dementia and became increasingly frustrated at not being able to do any of the things she used to do. Doing your puzzles has helped her overcome some of that frustration and often helps to calm her when she is agitated. They are a good way to engage with her during family visits.

Ann Dearing 29-06-12 (Puzzle, Aqua, Cards)

I was so impressed with your products that I’ve circulated them at the local Alzheimer’s Group and the jigsaws were the most used. The books were also appreciated as they were of such good quality.

Norman Brooker 29-06-12 (Aqua, Puzzle, Books)

Your products are very good. Aquapaint is amazing. Many residents with severe dementia are able to enjoy it. Best product on the market. There aren't many products available, which give a simple, yet professional quality, which are suitable for adults. More please.

Christine Potter 29-06-12 (Jigsaw, Memory, Books)

I took the 1950s Memory Cards when visiting my Mother in her care home yesterday. They were a great success and I am very pleased with my purchase. I have also bought the 1940s cards and expect them to be very useful too. I also have two of the 11 piece puzzles and wondered if they would be of interest to Mum, she has tried one and loves it. Thank you for some great products.

I will be recommending them. Linda Phipps 27-06-12 (Puzzles, Cards)

Having visited your stand last week at The The Alzheimer's Show I just wanted to congratulate you on your range of stimulative products for people living with dementia. They are pitched just right and demonstrate absolute respect for the adults who it is hoped will use them to keep their minds, as you say, active.

Caroline Garstang Howlett 26-04-2013

It’s creative and quality products like these that can add to an individual’s day-to-day enjoyment.

Sheena Wyllie, Director of Dementia Services at Barchester, 2012 (Paint Project)

Thank you for providing such a powerful resource that brought so much joy and mental stimulation to my Mum’s day.

Dr G.F, 2012 (Conversation Cards)

My mum enjoyed the book from the moment she opened it. I would recommend this book without hesitation.

Annonymous, 2012 (Picture Books)

The overall effect is delightful and engaging, with lots of material to stimulate memory and conversation.

Eileen Richardson, University of Stirling, 2012 (Picture DVDs)

Wanted to say how wonderfully well your puzzles have been received. A real triumph I would say.

John Hype, Age UK, 2012 (Puzzles)

These products provide endless stimulation and a sense of achievement for people living with dementia.

Prof. Hilary Dalke, Kingston University, 2012 (Aquapaint)

The signage produced an immediate benefit on our residents, making them much more independent. Worth every penny!

Lynn Sansome, Beechwood Care Home, 2012 (Communication Aids)

This is a great idea that you can do it in your own living room.

Brian, 70 years of age, 2012 (Exercise Balls)