Social Impact Report 2016


In 2016, 84% of products were sold to the healthcare industry which include NHS and care homes, and 16% to the friends and family of people living with dementia and cared for at home. In February 2017 Active Minds conducted a survey of its clients to establish the social impacts of the products. The survey was completed by 110 customers.


Active Minds has been developing specialist activity products for people living with dementia for over 7 years. The products have become important resources for professional and families carers alike.

While there are significant benefits to keeping active and engage, this becomes more of a challenge for people living with cognitive, dexterity and visual complications.

In 2016, Active Minds helped to improve the quality of life and well-being for over 52,000 people across the world living with dementia.

201525,000 People

201652,000 People

Family Carers

90%of customers enjoyed the products

70%felt well-being improved

84%felt conversation improved

83%felt reduced frustration

90%would recommend Active Minds products

Professional Carers

92%of customers enjoyed the products

91%felt well-being improved

91%felt reduced frustration

55%felt the products would help them meet CQC requirements

86%would recommend Active Minds products

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