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How It Works

Through research, we noticed how the combinations of both sound and scents are designed to give people the feeling of reassurance, captivating them in a natural environment. That’s why we created the Garden Sensory Scene, a perfect activity for those relaxing in their home. This reminiscence activity can help those living with dementia and especially for those near end of life. Each Sensory Scene comes with one room spray and a 60min CD of specific sounds to a theme.

Key benefits

  • Improve Wellbeing
  • Infection Control Compliant
  • Reduce anxiety and depression
  • Suitable for all abilities
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Product Code ST002
Dimensions 14.5cm x 27cm x 7cm
Contents Room Spray & 60 min CD
Stage Mid-Late
Difficulty Easy
Sounds Specific sounds to a particular theme
Scents 1 Room spray
Reusable Yes
Infection Control Compliant Yes