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About This Puzzle

This is a beautiful, colorful painting of Bobbi Tull’s version of Monet’s famous "Lilies on the Pond". Remember those calm strolls through the park? Where you could walk without any need to get anywhere or do anything. Studying the plants changing through the seasons, and the sight of seeing the first water lily of the year.

How It Works

The Lilypond puzzle has been for individuals with early to mid-stage dementia and consists of twenty-four plastic puzzle pieces. Designed for those who found our thirteen-piece-puzzle easy to complete, the size, shape and colors of each piece have all been designed and tested to help users in early-mid stages to complete the puzzles unassisted.

Images have been carefully chosen to allow for visual impairment, to stimulate memories and conversation and to give the user a valuable sense of achievement and pride.

Key benefits

  • Can help to improve dexterity.
  • Encourages conversation
  • Individual or group activity
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Product Code BP242
Materials Plastic
Pieces 24
Dimensions 36cm x 25cm
Stage Early-Mid
Difficulty Medium
Reusable Yes
Infection Control Compliant Yes