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Golf Target
Golf Target

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    About This Target Game

    Golf Target is an exciting activity for people with dementia which can be played individually or in groups.

    How It Works

    Spread the target mats out on the floor and take it in turns to throw the bags as close to the hole as you can. The closer the bag lands to the hole the more points are awarded, the winner is the person with the most number of points at the end of the game.

    The bags are lightweight and designed to be easy to throw for individuals with dexterity and mobility difficulties. Golf Target by Active Minds is a great way to bring people together and to encourage physical activity. Each set comes with 3 target mats and 4 throw bags.

    Key benefits

    • Can help to improve dexterity.
    • Individual or group activity
    • Infection Control Compliant
    • Intergenerational activity
    • Suitable for all abilities
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    • 1 × Golf Target
    • 1 × Golf Target - Throw Bags

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    Product Code AB006b
    Materials Foam Target Mats and Bean Bags
    Pieces 3 x Target Mats and 4 x Bean Bags
    Number of players Individual or Group
    Stage All Stages
    Difficulty Easy
    Reusable Yes
    Infection Control Compliant Yes