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About This Game

Active Minds Audio Bingo is a fun, age appropriate game that is accessible for those at early and later stages of their dementia journey, helping to improve cognitive functions and social participation.

We designed this game after observing that as people’s dementia progresses they find it harder and harder to play traditional bingo. We wanted to design a game where people in early and later stages of Alzheimer's and other types of dementia can play together.

By using authentic animal sounds and beautifully illustrated images instead of numbers, people in later stages of dementia are still able to take part in this popular game.

How It Works

This group activity can be used with up to 12 players, and a bingo caller to run the session. The game couldn’t be simpler! The bingo caller plays the different sounds on shuffle whilst players put counters on the matching image. The caller will also have a flip book to show images of the animals alongside the sounds as an extra prompt. To win, a player needs to match 9 animals on their card and shout the magic word - Bingo!

Key benefits

  • Encourages conversation
  • Helps to improve communication
  • Infection Control Compliant
  • Intergenerational activity
  • Suitable for all abilities
More Information
Website Stock Status Out of Stock
Delivery Period 3-5 days
Product Code AB001
Materials Plastic, card & wood
Number of players Up to 12
Dimensions 26cm x 27cm x 7cm
Stage All Stages
Difficulty Medium
Reusable Yes
Infection Control Compliant Yes