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Bird Watcher Bundle
Bird Watcher Bundle

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    Build and Feed

    Bring nature to you with our build and feed birdfeeder. Building the feeder can give a great sense of accomplishment while the hours spend watching the visiting birds promotes relaxation and enjoyment.

    How It Works

    This kit contains four wooden seed sticks and Perches. Simply cover the seed stick in a something sticky such as peanut butter and then roll it in bird seeds. Next stick in the perch and find a place in the garden to hang up the feeder. finally, wait and watch.

    Our Bird Book contains 10 beautiful illustrations to support birdwatching in the garden or out on a walk. How many birds can you spot and identify?

    The bird feeder is reusable, just wash with warm water and reapply a new layer of bird seeds.

    Key benefits

    • Encourages conversation
    • Improve Wellbeing
    • Increase Engagement
    • Individual or group activity
    • Maintain Hobbies
    • Provide Stimulation
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    Website Stock Status In Stock
    Vat Exempt No
    Delivery Period 3-5 working days
    • 1 × Build & Feed
    • 1 × Bird Book

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    Product Code NO003
    Materials 1 Paper Bird Book, 4 Wooden Seed Sticks, 4 Wooden Perches
    Number of players Individual or Group
    Contents 1 Paper Bird Book, 4 Wooden Seed Sticks, 4 Wooden Perches
    Stage All Stages
    Difficulty Easy
    Pages 10
    Reusable Yes
    Infection Control Compliant Yes