Activities For People With Dementia & Alzheimers

6th National Dementia Care Awards Winner 2015

Since 2010 Active Minds have been researching and developing activities to improve the quality of life for people living with dementia. Our mission is and will continue to be, to create positive, mindfully designed, person-centred activity products and games to help people lead active lives.

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Award Winning Activity Kits for Dementia

Our award winning Complete Kit contains a wide range of evidence-based and tested resources specifically designed to engage people with dementia. Supporting all members of the team to deliver spontaneous activity sessions and evidence person centered care.

Complete Kit

Design by Experience

Active Minds is a company built on years of research and personal experience. A close working relationship with Barchester Healthcare and Kingston University has allowed Active Minds to bring together knowledge, experience and research to create some unique activity products and games designed for people with dementia.

Designed by Experience

Social Impact Report

Active Minds continually measures its social impact to establish the benefits our activity products are having on the lives of those living with dementia. We use this data to continue making improvements to our products and development process.

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91% of carers felt products improved well-being

91% of carers felt products reduced frustration

86% would recommend Active Minds products

103,300 people have seen an improvement in their quality of life so far

Some of our clients

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