The Importance of Hobbies with Dementia: 35-piece Puzzle Launch

Written by Active Minds on Tuesday the 23rd of February 2016.


For a person living with dementia, a hobby is more than just an enjoyable way to pass the time. The life changes, reduced self-esteem, and anxiety caused by the condition can lead people to withdraw so maintaining a favourite hobby will help them to re-establish a sense of normality and control.

For those with early- to mid-stage dementia, jigsaw puzzles are a fantastic and recommended hobby. Not only are they enjoyable to complete, jigsaws help to keep minds sharp, hands dexterous and, when completed, provide a great talking point for encouraging communication and socialisation. The only issue you might find is that traditional puzzles may be too challenging for people living with dementia.

Here at Active Minds, we specialise in creating puzzles designed with the needs of people with dementia in mind. In the past we have created both 13- and 24-piece puzzles for people at various stages of the condition and we’re pleased to announce that we have now launched our brand new 35-piece jigsaw puzzle collection.

Perfect for people with early to mid-stage dementia who may have found our previous puzzles too easy to complete, the new 35-piece jigsaw provides more of a challenge while retaining all the carefully-designed features that ensure our puzzles can be completed unassisted – which is vital to encouraging a sense of satisfaction, dignity and self-confidence.

Each of our four new seasonal artworks are also designed to work as reminiscence activities when completed and are all suitable for those with visual impairment.

If puzzles are your loved one’s favourite hobby, take a look at the new range now and choose their favourite season from  Spring Stream, Seaside Nostalgia, Autumn Market or Winter Snow.