Technology to help those living with dementia at home

Written by Active Minds on Monday the 15th of August 2016.



Telecare is a term used to describe personal alarms and health-monitoring devices that can help people with dementia to live more independently and can be particularly helpful for people caring for someone with dementia, giving them a peace of mind through services that enables people to stay independent in their own home for as long as possible.

Telecare is great for that extra reassurance carers require from a distance. There are different sensors that alarm you if for example, the person you care for has got out of bed but has not left the house. This is done through bed pressure and front door sensors.


There are many innovative clock designs that are ideal for individuals living with dementia in their home, hospital or care home. Designed with day and night illustrations, the Alzheimer’s Society’s Day and Night clock has been tried and tested, and provides accuracy in orientating the exact time of day without crowding the clock with too much information that could be overwhelming or confusing for the user.


Many phones designed for people with dementia have features that make it a very effective telephone for a person with dementia. People living with dementia may require a phone with features such as larger buttons, photo picture buttons of friends and family, an assistance button or safety timer that can automatically dial up and send a text message alarm to saved numbers.

It is important for people with dementia to speak to a healthcare professional before purchasing any equipment to confirm that it is suitable for them to use.

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