Sketchbook Development Begins

Written by Active Minds on Monday the 6th of August 2012.


Due to the increasing requests from customers, Active Minds have started to develop their latest product – a colouring book for people living with dementia.

Current products on the market are either much to difficult or childish. We feel there is a gap for an age appropriate colour/painting book that will be achievable as well as give the user a sense of satisfaction and pride. A request that has been made many times by our customers.

Initial ideas have already been developed and we’ve partnered with Ashford House, part of the Barchester Group, to begin testing this week. Further testing and development will continue throughout August, and we will keep you updated with progress. We hope this research will help us create an age appropriate resource that will be achievable but not patronising. Art sessions are already a regular activity in care homes across the country, so a more specialist product developed for people with dementia should be extremely popular.

If you have any ideas for images you would like to see in the book please get in touch.