Researchers Warn Rise in Early-Onset Dementia is a ‘Silent Epidemic’

Written by Active Minds on Wednesday the 18th of July 2018.


According to a study carried out by Bournemouth University there has been a steady-rise in people in their late 40s being diagnosed with dementia. This is a dramatic change from twenty years ago, when most cases of early-onset dementia were diagnosed in people in their late 60s.


The study found that modern environmental factors played a key role in this early development, with pollution cited as one of the main issues. Use of petro-chemicals has increased dramatically in the last two decades, with air transport becoming more popular, motor vehicles on the road quadrupling and a growth in insecticide use.

The research concluded that there was a need for health campaigns, similar to ones for heart disease and cancer, but to raise awareness for dementia, increase the understanding of the negative impact of these environmental factors, and alerting people to the signs and symptoms of early-onset dementia.