Product Spotlight: Sensory Snap

Written by Active Minds on Thursday the 28th of September 2017.


1-sensorysnap_overview_1Sensory snap is a tactile game with a purpose. The game can be played by matching the tiles with the images or grouping them together based on association, such as ‘things that are found outside’. This style of game encourages players to create new associations and cognitive links between objects.

As with all Active Minds products, Sensory Snap was tested alongside people living with dementia in professional and home care settings to ensure it is both effective and enjoyable. The game contains 6 tactile tiles arranged around the box. The aim is to feel one tile at a time and match it to the photograph underneath. Each texture and image has been tested to ensure that they have both calming and conversational value.

This product was developed as a result of research into Cognitive Stimulation Therapy which notes the benefits of creating new neurological links in the brain based on ‘categorisation’ as opposed to ‘simple matching’, a process which encourages the individual to improvise rather that repeat.


As ever, Active Minds customers have played a crucial role in the design and development of Sensory Snap. Feedback and ideas from customers are invaluable to our innovation and will continue to influence the design or new products and services.


For more information on the Sensory snap range, visit our Sensory Snap page.