Product Spotlight: Family & Friends Kit

Written by Active Minds on Monday the 29th of February 2016.


When your loved one is diagnosed with dementia there can often be so many things to consider and so many decisions to be made that the idea of fun and entertainment falls by the wayside. As things settle down however, you might find that the hobbies your loved one used to enjoy are no longer suitable and that you’re in need of dementia-appropriate activities to enjoy together.

That’s why we created the Family & Friends Kit, a comprehensive collection of our best and most popular products put together to ensure you have everything you need to provide beneficial and entertaining activities for your loved one that will last throughout the progression of their condition. Working together with the National Activity Providers Association, we designed each kit to provide a wide variety of pastimes to ensure that your loved one enjoys a helpful balance of fun, achievement, physical activity and reminiscence designed to suit all stages of dementia.

Here’s a quick guide to what’s in the box:

2 x Aquapaint Sets

If your loved one has always loved painting but has begun to find it too challenging, Aquapaint is the perfect replacement. This clever, reusable activity set simply requires the application of water to bring out the colour in our beautiful and vibrant illustrations. Great for dexterity, encouraging a sense of achievement and as a calming or soothing pastime.

24-piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Specially designed for those with early- to mid-stage dementia, our 24-piece jigsaw is our most challenging puzzle. Each comes with its own backing board and carefully crafted pieces that encourage completion without assistance plus a finished beautiful sea view that should stir plenty of happy memories.

13-piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Our original and best-selling product, 13-piece jigsaws are perfect for those who find our 24-piece puzzles too challenging. Our durable and easy-to-clean plastic pieces have been designed to encourage unassisted assembly, while our picture of a happy Australian Sheep dog is especially suited to animal lovers.

Creative Scenes

As your loved one’s dementia progresses, you might find that puzzles are no longer suitable. That’s why we designed Creative Scenes, a fun and useful activity for those with late-stage dementia. Unlike a jigsaw, Creative Scenes pieces can be placed anywhere on the board making this a creative activity with all the sense of achievement of a traditional puzzle without the frustration caused by an incorrect placement.

Memory Cards

Reminiscence is an endlessly useful activity for people living with dementia. Not only can it help to unlock happy memories from the past, it can also encourage conversation and socialisation and help to negate feelings of isolation and loneliness. Our 1950s Memory Cards are packed with images from the decade, from household goods to trends and historical events. Each card also features helpful information, questions and conversation prompts that will allow you delve into your loved one’s fascinating life and help you both to enjoy a sense of happiness and togetherness.