Product Spotlight: Aquapaint

Written by Active Minds on Monday the 29th of February 2016.


A famous philosopher once said that, “Painting is silent poetry”. If you have a loved one who has always enjoyed painting, it can be upsetting to watch them find their favourite hobby become more and more difficult as their condition progresses.

That’s why we developed Aquapaint, a unique creative activity set especially designed to take the challenges out of painting and to help people with dementia enjoy their favoured pastime as normal.

Using innovative technology, each beautifully designed illustration only requires the application of water to bring out the image’s vibrant colours. This allows the user to simulate the feeling of painting, with the same sense of achievement, but without the frustrations often felt by those who struggle with the dexterity or visual and spatial problems that make painting challenging for people with dementia.

The sets come in four different designs; Natural World, Days Out, Loves and Everyday so that there is a pack to cater to all interests, whether that’s animal lovers or football fans. Each set also includes five different images designed to aid reminiscence and encourage conversation upon completion. Your loved one can choose anything from flowers and fruit to boats or ballroom dancing – simply select the image they are most likely to find interesting and stimulating.

Not only are Aquapaint activities fun and stimulating, they are also completely reusable. After each session, the colours fade as the water dries so your set can be used over and over again as a stimulating, soothing and relaxing activity.

For more information on our range, visit our Aquapaint page here. Choose your favourite set, or purchase a pack of all four, grab some water and help your loved one rediscover their favourite hobby once more.