Our Dementia Awareness Week

Written by Active Minds on Friday the 21st of June 2013.



Dementia Awareness Week (19th to 26th of May) was created and is backed by The Alzheimer’s Society as a week designed to get people talking about dementia.

During Dementia Awareness Week people are asked to raise awareness of dementia in various imaginitive ways, including via the Twitter hashtag ‘#talkdementia’ (you can view the feed for this hashtag here).

The theme for this year’s Dementia Awareness Week was ‘Tea’. And to do our part in trying to raise awareness of dementia, Active Minds hosted a giveaway to encourage conversations and reminiscing over a cuppa…

The lucky winner received a box of Best of British tea, one of our Paint Project books, one of our Aquapaint packs and a box of 1950s reminiscence cards.

We also wanted to continue the #talkdementia conversations by re-launching our social media channels and a brand new website – we hope you like them!

To join in with the ongoing talk on dementia, please become a part of the Active Minds community by joining us on Facebook or Twitter.

A huge thank you to SALTERBAXTER www.salterbaxter.com

and GENIUS DIVISION geniusdivision.com