Mother’s Day: How to Mark the Day for Both of You

Written by Active Minds on Monday the 22nd of February 2016.


This March 6th people across the country will be celebrating their lovely mums but, for those of us whose mothers are living with dementia, the day can feel especially poignant. Whether you want to use it as the perfect excuse to reminisce together or just to pamper your mum, here are some tips for marking the day.

Be aware of Mum’s needs

Mother’s Day is about mums after all so taking her needs into account should be your first priority. While you might want to throw a big celebration, your mum might find the noise, people, or change too much to cope with, so bear these things in mind when you’re making plans.

For mothers with early stage dementia, it can be nice to treat her to a quiet day out. Visit a favourite spot, go for a stroll, treat her to a nice meal, or take her to a concert or play. If you do decide to go out, make sure the trip isn’t too strenuous and plan plenty of rest breaks so she doesn’t get too tired. If you choose live entertainment, make sure it’s not too loud to avoid causing any distress.

For mothers with later stage dementia, going out may not be a possibility so plan something nice that she can enjoy in the comfort of her own home. Enjoy a game together or favourite hobby, or treat her to some pampering. Most importantly, try not to have too many expectations from the day apart from spending some quality time with your mum. She might not understand that you’re celebrating but that doesn’t mean you can’t make sure she has a nice day anyway.


Celebration days can be a great time to reminisce as they bring back memories of all the previous celebrations before them. Whether you want to just sit and chat about days gone by or use reminiscence activities, there’s plenty you can do to stir up happy memories. If you’ve never made a memory box, why not try it on Mother’s Day? Or, if you have made one in the past, this can be a great time to open it up together.

Treat Her

Of course you can’t let Mother’s Day pass without showering your mum with presents. From brightly-coloured and deliciously-scented flowers to delight her senses to a brand new new jigsaw puzzle or paint project, now is the time to treat her.