How Baking Can Help Someone Living with Dementia

Written by Active Minds on Thursday the 29th of September 2016.


As dementia progresses, people can become very withdrawn and baking is a way to connect with someone, as well as providing a great opportunity to engage together. Involving someone with tasks during the day can help minimise behaviours, such as restlessness and boredom and gives someone living with dementia a positive and productive way to use their energy.

Read here how you can involve the person with baking and how it can help with engagement.

1.     Using an electric whisk can be enjoyed by someone who previously did mechanical type work and is a great way to get men involved.

2.     Peeking into the bowl together to watch the bread dough rise provides a great opportunity to start conversation with people at all points of their dementia journey. You could ask the following questions:

·         Do you like homemade bread?

·         Have you made it before?

·         What would you like to put on your bread?

3.     The smell of a freshly baked cake or loaf of bread is incredible for anyone and is a great way for a person with dementia to use their sense of smell, touch and taste!

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