How Active Minds Kits Helped Us Provide More For Our Residents With Dementia

Written by Active Minds on Monday the 21st of March 2016.


When speaking to and understanding what is was that professional care organisations were seeking when it came to how they could better provide for their residents with Dementia, it was common across all of them that they were all seeking meaningful activities that were easily accessible for them.

This led to the development of the complete kit, giving care homes, hospitals and families resources that support spontaneous and meaningful activity.

The complete kit is an assortment of specialist products which have all been developed from the ground up for the unique needs of people living with dementia. Images, colours, shapes and textures have all been carefully considered and tested to ensure the end product is as engaging as possible for somebody with dementia. Each product contains jigsaws, painting, reminiscence and exercise products are designed to cater for a range of interests and abilities. All the activities in the kit can either be used alone, one to one or group sessions making it a flexible resource for any setting.

Since we released this in April 2015, we have had an overwhelming response from care groups and hospitals where the products met these needs.

We were delighted to have won the award for Dementia care product of the year in November for our complete kit at the  National Dementia Care Awards 2015.

We have recently rolled out our complete kit to the 20 Greensleeves Homes Trust care homes, along with delivering a training day. The overall response from it was really pleasing and the results can be seen below.

90% of the carers we asked enjoyed the activities and 95% of the residents did too, which is testament to the quality products inside the complete kit. 81% of staff also agreed that the kit provides evidence person-centred care, which is important when managing dementia.

One of the aims of the kit is to help provide a varied array of activities for residential homes and improve the effectiveness of activities and 79% of the carers that we asked agreed that the kits had made it easier to deliver a wider range of activities to residents. Feedback has been positive for the ‘excellently thought through range of activities all in one box.’

Interaction between residents and staff is really important and being able to effectively communicate helps to build meaningful relationships. We are pleased that 79% of our carers found that the complete kit helped to improve these relationships in the long-term, especially because they encouraged ‘people who don’t want to normally participate in activity.’

87% of our staff gave the complete kit a rating of 4 or 5 out of 5, which we feel shows that the kit has been successful for residents and staff alike; the kit is ‘a fantastic box of resources – something for everyone.’

We are excited in being able to continue to supply products which help care organisations provide more for their residents with Dementia, enabling them to deliver a more fulfilling and relevant level of care.