Games for People with Dementia

Written by Active Minds on Thursday the 4th of February 2016.


When you’re caring for someone with dementia, you may notice that the games and hobbies they enjoyed before their diagnosis are no longer appropriate. If you’re struggling to find ways to keep your loved one entertained, here are some great ideas for games that are suitable for each stage of the condition.

Early-Stage Dementia

In the early stages of the condition, some of the games your loved one might have enjoyed during the time before their diagnosis can still be appropriate with a little tweaking. The key is to find games that will provide the sort of mental stimulation vital to fighting against cognitive decline as well helping to maintain dexterity, providing opportunities to socialise, and – most importantly! – allowing your loved one to have fun.

If you love your tech, there are plenty of brain-training games you can download on your laptop, phone, or tablet that can be beneficial to people living with dementia. Puzzles, spatial problems, and memory tests can all be great for keeping minds active.

If you prefer things more low-tech, or you don’t think your loved one would get on with electronic devices, our 24-piece jigsaw puzzles are perfect for people with early-stage dementia. More complicated and challenging than our original puzzles, each beautifully-designed puzzle will provide plenty of stimulation and opportunities for conversation.

Mid- to Late-Stage Dementia

As dementia progresses, traditional games and puzzles might become too difficult and frustrating. At the same time, using child-friendly puzzle books or children’s games can be demeaning and undignified for adults.

Luckily there are plenty of games made specifically for people with dementia. Our original 13-piece jigsaw puzzles have been carefully designed to allow mid- to late-stage dementia patients be able to enjoy them assistance-free while remaining safe to use and beautiful to look at.

If your loved one used to prefer a spot of bingo, they might also enjoy our brand new Animal Bingo. Appropriate for both the later stages of dementia as well as for early-stage patients, Animal Bingo was designed to overcome the difficulties people with dementia faced when trying to enjoy their favourite hobby. Numbers are replaced by hand-drawn animal illustrations and sounds in a game perfect for encouraging conversation, stimulation, and fun.