Find the Right Type of Puzzle

Written by Active Minds on Tuesday the 9th of February 2016.


People with dementia love games and activities as much as anyone else but, as the condition progresses, can find traditional activities more challenging than they used to. The key is to find activities that have been designed with dementia patients in mind, and that cater to their specific needs.

Jigsaw puzzles are a great example of an activity that is fun and stimulating for all ages. Unfortunately many jigsaw puzzles are too difficult for people with dementia to complete and many care homes and carers are left with no choice but to use children’s puzzles, which can be demeaning and undignified for adults.

Here at Active Minds, we make puzzles especially for people living with dementia. More importantly they are designed for adults, blending age-appropriate illustrations, art, and photography with durable, easy-to-use pieces. Our puzzles come in a range of different designs, each one suited to a various stage of dementia; here’s how to choose the right puzzle for your loved one.

Early-Stage Dementia

If your loved one is going through the early stages of dementia, our 24-piece puzzle will be especially suitable. Designed to be more challenging than our original jigsaws, the 24-piece is perfect for people who find children’s puzzles or our 13-piece puzzle too easy but traditional jigsaws too challenging.

Mid-Stage Dementia

If our 24-piece puzzle has become too tricky to solve alone, the 13-piece puzzle is the perfect replacement. Each jigsaw comes with a frame and backing board that helps users to solve the puzzle unassisted, which is vital for encouraging confidence and a sense of achievement.

Late-Stage Dementia

In the later stages of dementia, you might find that jigsaw puzzles become too difficult and frustrating for your loved one to complete. If the 13-piece puzzle is no longer appropriate, your loved one may enjoy our  Creative Scenes puzzles instead. Designed to combat the frustration felt by people who are no longer easily able to pick up and place puzzle pieces, Creative Scenes pieces can be placed anywhere on the background board, with no wrong placement possible. This allows for the same sense of achievement as our other puzzles while avoiding feelings of frustration.

All of our puzzles are designed to be durable and easy to keep clean with decorations and shapes that encourage conversation, reminiscence and improved dexterity. If you think they sound suitable for your loved one, take a look at our Dementia Jigsaw Puzzle range range to choose the right one for you.