February’s Activity Co-ordinator of the Month

Written by Active Minds on Wednesday the 12th of February 2014.


Two residents enjoying their time at Caythorpe Residential Home

Residents at Caythorpe Residential Home, Lincolnshire, enjoying a party.

Active Minds awards Activities Co-ordinator of the Month for February 2014 to June Maples.

June works at Caythorpe Residential Home, where she has been the Activities Co-ordinator for 7 years.

How many individuals do you care for, and what does your average day look like as an Activities Co-ordinator?

I care for 14 individuals and my average day as an Activities Co-ordinator is trying my best to cater for each individual’s needs, and trying to make each day different and stimulating for each person. I try my best to make a difference in their lives; to make each day as enjoyable as possible.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

The most rewarding aspect of my job is seeing that I have made a difference. A smile on a person’s face, and laughter, says a lot to me. Seeing the residents happy with what they do with me is a reward in itself.

Which activity do you do with those you care for that you see the most engagement from?

I get a lot of engagement from a lot of my activities but one that stands out for me for the residents would be music and singing, they really love this and get a lot of pleasure from it. They smile, and some like to dance, which is lovely to see.

When you are having a trying time, what keeps you going?

I don’t really have a trying time as the residents always keep me going, they are such lovely people to work with and I have all the time in the world for them.

What do you enjoy most about being an Activities Co-ordinator?

I enjoy everything about my job, but I think I enjoy making a difference to their lives, giving them things to enjoy and look forward to. I always think I am lucky doing a job which I find so rewarding.

Congratualtions and many thanks to June!