Essex Challenge Dementia: October Update

Written by Active Minds on Tuesday the 23rd of October 2018.


October has been a busy month for us as we work hard behind the scenes on our Essex County Council Challenge Dementia Prize entry. Here’s a little update on what we’ve been getting up to.

What Did We Do in October?

Using all the feedback we’ve collated from the carers of Essex on our digital prototype we have been able to spend more time shaping our digital app, ‘Happy At Home’, an app/website for carers to support them on their journey as they care for someone with dementia.

We now have a solid idea, and spent this month looking at two aspects of the app – business planning and app operation. To help us make these decisions we spent a week locked in a room, brainstorming everything we could.

Business Planning

We created a business case, looking at potential partnerships and how we could add value to these businesses. To help with these introductions, we have also created a fantastic film that aims to capture the project, how it will work and the positive impact it will have on its users.

App Operation

Using all our feedback, we spent time working on the design and interaction of the app to create a minimum viable product. After we do the full build of the app, after receiving our funding this will then be piloted with 100 carers, so we can see how the app performs when used in a ‘real world’ environment. This will also be our opportunity to evidence and measure its success.

What Next?

Our next step is to consider how best we can measure and evidence the idea. We want to measure how the app prevents carer burn out, improves the quality of care as well as how it will reduce dependence on local services.

After this, we’ll be preparing for our pitch. We look forward to giving you further updates as the process continues. There will be a launch event on the 28th November where we will find out if we’re successful! We very much hope this will be the starting point for us to get building the app/idea!