Download our free PDF: Winter Activity Ideas

Written by Active Minds on Thursday the 23rd of November 2017.


winter-guideDue to the popularity of our last edition, we are proud to launch our next free, downloadable Activity Guide. Our guide is suitable for anyone; friends, family or carers of people living with dementia, and we hope will offer some interesting ideas and useful tips on creating fun and engaging activities for people with dementia.

In this issue we look at the winter season, how the shorter days and drop-in temperature can affect a person with dementia’s mood, routine and drive to socialise, and how regular, engaging activities can prevent this.

We have included six easy-to-create, winter-themed activities to enjoy, as well as some top tips on what to think about when planning activities for people with dementia. There is also an exclusive Winter Games Bundle offer, which includes a selection of games for people in all stages of dementia – perfect for a cosy, winter’s night at home.

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