Christmas Ideas / Gift Guide for people with dementia

Written by Active Minds on Monday the 21st of December 2015.


We don’t know about you but we’ve always loved giving presents more than we enjoy receiving them. If you have a loved one with dementia, here are some great presents you can give them this Christmas to brighten up their day.

Reminiscence Books

Most of us spend a great deal of the Christmas holidays laughing and remembering happy festive times from the past. Make the most of this atmosphere and treat someone with dementia to a reminiscence book. Since Christmas time is all about family time, this Family Life reminiscence book should be perfect for putting a smile on their face.

Animal Bingo

Christmas is a time for fun and games so our brand new Animal Bingo is an ideal gift for the festive season. Specially designed for people with dementia who struggle with traditional bingo, the game uses authentic animal audio paired with illustrated pictures to allow those living with later-stage dementia to continue to enjoy their favourite hobby.

Painting Activities

If your loved one with dementia has enjoyed painting in the past, why not treat them to a Paint Project this Christmas? This clever painting book features simple outline drawings of varying levels of complexity designed to suit painters living with all stages of dementia. Alternatively, try Aquapaint – a unique reusable painting activity perfect for those with late-stage dementia.

Personalised Puzzles

Puzzles have been proven as a great activity for people with dementia; they help to keep minds active, stimulate conversation, and entertain all at once. Since it’s Christmas, don’t buy your loved one just any old puzzle – treat them to a unique, personalised puzzle featuring one of your own photographs. It’s the perfect way to give your loved one a gift that will both stimulate them and trigger happy memories at the same time.

Creative Scenes

If you have a loved one with late-stage dementia, you might find that traditional jigsaw puzzles prove too frustrating. That’s why we designed Creative Scenes, a board with magnetic pieces that allows for creativity and stimulation without needing to be ‘solved’.. Choose from two designs, The Allotment or The Tool Shed, depending on which hobbies your loved one values the most.