Christmas Gift Ideas for A Loved One with Dementia

Written by Active Minds on Friday the 8th of December 2017.



Christmas is a wonderful holiday, focusing on spending quality time with your family, enjoying food, conversation, games and, of course, the giving and receiving of gifts. However, if a family member is living with dementia it can be hard to find appropriate dementia-friendly presents. Here are some gift ideas for your loved one living with dementia:


Buy a DVD of a classic film or TV series from their past, perhaps choosing a time on Christmas Day to sit down as a family and enjoy the DVD. The film may help to spark memories for your loved one, perhaps of the first time they saw this particular film, or of the various stars of the show. The whole family can enjoy listening and talking to your loved one as they reminisce.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are a great gift, as your loved one can enjoy completing the puzzle in their own time, on their own, or perhaps with the whole family getting involved. At Active Minds, we have a wide selection of puzzles with a large range of images, for all stages of dementia and dexterity.


Photo Album

Create a family photo album, including current pictures of the family as well as pictures from your loved one’s past. This is a lovely, reminiscent gift, that your family member can pick up and look at any time they want.

Board Game

Christmas is all about playing games with the family, so giving your loved one a game to enjoy with everyone is a great gift. Our Animal Bingo is a family favourite, which uses authentic animal sounds and beautifully illustrated images instead of numbers. The game can be enjoyed by up to 8 people, plus a bingo caller, so is perfect for a family Christmas. Or perhaps our Snakes and Ladders game, which has been designed with strong colour contrasts and clear images to make it appropriate for people with visual and cognitive impairments. The large counters also make it easier for the game to be played by people with dexterity difficulties.

Colouring Books

The perfect gift for a loved one with early to mid-stage dementia. Colouring books are a relaxing activity to help a person unwind and focus, as well as giving a sense of satisfaction once the colouring is completed. Don’t forget to add some colouring pens with the present too.