Care Home Open Day – June 17th

Written by Active Minds on Monday the 13th of June 2016.


Care homes are important parts of any community and they depend on the support of those around them. Creating local links and opening the doors of care homes means that residents are not cut off from their community and they can feel connected to their area. It is easy for generations not to mix, but cross-generational relationships are beneficial for both parties and each can learn a multitude of rich, positive life lessons from each other. The Care Home Open Day is all about breaking down boundaries, opening doors and showcasing the amazing, vital work that care homes carry out across the country. Thousands of care homes take part every year and residents, staff and the community see positive results for their long-term future.

What happens at a Care Home Open Day?

It is up to you! Opening up your Care Home to the public, means that you can invite people in to see the kind of work and activities that take place every day. You could keep things simple to try and portray what a typical day is like and the types of things that residents get involved in. Or you could put on a range of events and activities to get residents involved and create a buzz in your community. Activities such as Zumba sessions, bingo, sponsored walks or bake sales are all great ideas and allow generations to engage and interact with each other.

Who will benefit?

Everyone in the community can benefit from a Care Home Open Day. It gives the opportunity for new relationships to be forged between residents and the community. Meeting for the first time at an open day can lead to an ongoing friendship and turn into a long-term benefit for both parties. Opening a care home’s doors can show residents that they are not alone or isolated from the community, they are an integral part of it and they can share their thoughts and views on their area. Local businesses and schemes get the chance to meet residents and staff and forge links, perhaps creating an ongoing partnership and offering their services to residents. Staff get the chance to show how impactful their work is and the reality of the positive, caring roles that they carry out.

Some members of the public might have preconceptions about care homes and only get their information from media outlets. An open day gives people in your community the chance to explore care homes as an option and see the environment for themselves. They can mix with the residents and chat about what it is like to live there and the benefits of the care they receive.

When is it?

This year’s Care Home Open Day is on 17th June and you can find out if a care home near you is getting involved my searching for them here. If you work at a care home and you would like to learn more and get your care home, residents and staff involved then you can still register to take part. You can provide the perfect opportunity for community engagement and see residents, staff and the public flourish together.