Call For Helpers!

Written by Active Minds on Friday the 22nd of December 2017.


At Active Minds, we have just secured another round of investment, and we’ve got loads on our minds as to what comes next. But you can be sure our focus will be on continuing to lead and innovate in the space of activity and dementia.

From a design perspective we have big plans, and there’s no way we can do it alone. Were putting a call out for extra pairs of hands (additional freelance support) over the next few years, and if any of the below are you, and your passionate about what we do, then please do get in touch with us.

Technical Engineers

Can you turn innovative ideas into technical and CAD drawings and specs ready for production?

Graphic Designer

Do you love graphics, we need you…? Ensuring the Active Minds brand is consistent, and in line with our respectful brand is key to our work, if this is you, then we’ll be following up. For packaging, marketing materials, whatever we might need at any one time.

Design Researchers

Research is key to our R&D process, if this is you, we need hot researchers to help shape and apply the latest thinking/research/products to our areas of work. Occasionally we need helpers to go into settings to test out prototypes and bring back learnings.


Prototyping is a big part of our process. We make things quick and test often, so we often need prototypes made fast, if you can do this alongside the work you do, whatever you make, however you make it, we want to hear about it. Got a membership at Hack Space ( or studio space at Makerversity ( then this is for you. Tell us what materials you use and how you do it. Then as and when we need prototypes made, we’ll know what you can do.

All Rounders/Product Designers/Industrial Designers

Tick a few of these boxes? Super, get in touch and let us know what many skills you have.


Got a real eye for language, grammar and spelling, we often need help with content for product packaging and online – we’d love to hear from you.