Best Christmas Presents for Someone with Late Stage Dementia

Written by Active Minds on Friday the 21st of December 2018.


Are you struggling to find a Christmas gift for your loved one with dementia? We’ve compiled a list of our favourite presents to give to a person living with late stage dementia to help make them feel loved and cared for during what may be sometimes be an overwhelming and hectic time of year:

Tactile Twist
Designed to provide sensory and tactile stimulation for people with later stage dementia, Tactile Twist is a clever piece of fabric is held in place with a Velcro band around the wrist. The materials have been carefully chosen to be soft and soothing for those with limited hand movement and is great for keeping restless fingers busy.


Hand or Body Lotion
There are certain smells that will help trigger memories for a person with dementia, as well as helping to promote feelings of relaxation and calmness. A well-chosen bottle of lotion allows the recipient to revisit this scent whenever they feel like it, as well as enjoying the feeling of the lotion on their hands and body.


Personalised Puzzle
For many people with dementia, their enjoyment of games does not diminish, however their ability to play the games independently can lead to frustration and anger. Specially designed dementia-friendly jigsaw puzzles allow people, regardless of their stage of dementia and dexterity, to still enjoy completing a puzzle. A personalised puzzle makes this gift that extra bit special, allowing you to choose three different images to display on each puzzle. This could be a picture of the family, a much-loved pet or a special event such as your loved one’s wedding day.


A Soft Blanket
For people in late-stage dementia, sensory stimulation is an important part of helping them feel relaxed and comfortable, which is incredibly helpful if they have periods of anxiety or agitation. A blanket made from a soft material such as velvet or chenille can be incredibly soothing for them, as well as providing comfort and warmth either in bed or when they are sat outside.


As dementia progresses, people can start to feel that they are unable to complete tasks or hobbies that they have previously enjoyed, such as gardening or DIY around the house. Scentscape aims to help stimulate these memories by using a combination of smell and sound. Choose from ‘Tool Shed’, ‘In The Garden’, ‘At Home’ and ‘Trains’.


Collection of Picture Photo Frames
Create a collection of memories for your loved one in the form of a series of hanging picture photo frames. Collages are an alternative, but are often too busy for people living with dementia. Include pictures of the family, friends, holidays, special events and pets. If your loved one is living in a care home then this can help them to feel relaxed and remind them that they are loved. Even if they no longer remember who some of the people in the pictures are, being surrounded by these images will help them know that they are cared for.