Best Christmas Presents for Someone with Early to Mid-Stage Dementia

Written by Active Minds on Wednesday the 21st of November 2018.


Christmas can be a wonderful time of the year, where we spend quality time with our family and loved ones, eat delicious food and give and receive presents. However, if your loved one has dementia, it can be hard to think of a present to get them. In this blog we look at some appropriate gifts for people with early to mid-stage dementia, a mixture of ideas that will not only help stimulate and engage them, but will also encourage them to live an independent life for longer.

Personalised Music CD

Create a collection of music from your loved one’s past to help them reminisce. The songs can vary from decade to decade, but generally music from their childhood and teenage years is a good option. You can even create a personalised CD cover, with a picture of the family, or a momentous occasion, such as their wedding day.

Doodle Quest

A Doodle Quest book is an ideal present for someone who may be experiencing dexterity and visual issues. The book encourages them to create patterns and sequences, as well as helping to promote relaxation and mindfulness. Pair this book with a set of colouring pencils for the perfect gift.

Image Snap

A great family game that can be enjoyed during the festive period, Image Snap has three games in one – Snap, Pairs and Full House, each with varying levels of difficulty. The images on the cards have been specifically chosen to be easily recognisable to help people with dementia play the games without assistance.

An Automatic Medication Dispenser

This practical gift is perfect for someone with dementia who may be struggling to remember when or if they have taken their medication. The dispenser can be programmed to alert and then dispense the appropriate drug at the correct time during the day.

Nature Activity – Winter Explorer

A great gift for anyone interested in walking or nature. The Winter Explorer contains a waterproof pack of seasonal images which can be searched for whilst you and your loved one enjoys a gentle walk outside. This helps encourage conversation, as well as providing a goal and purpose to your walk, turning it into an adventure of discovery.

Jigsaw Puzzle – 63 Piece

These puzzles have been designed for people with early stage dementia. The images on each of the four puzzles available in this range are from artist Richard Harpum, and will spark plenty of conversations and memories once completed.