As Easy as ABC – A Free Dementia Activities Guide published by Care UK

Written by Active Minds on Tuesday the 2nd of July 2013.


Dementia carer connecting with older couple over a game of cards

Photograph: Copyright of Janie Airey comissioned on behalf of SHAW+SKERM for Care UK


A free 60-page guide by Care UK has recently been published to help families caring for a loved one with dementia.

The bright and well-designed guide, named As Easy as ABC, offers a range of 100 inspiring activity suggestions to help families get the most out of their time together, whether that be in their home or a care home environment.

The guide encourages the idea that supporting someone living with dementia is not always as taxing as it may initially seem. It was put together with help from 20 of Care UK’s own care home staff. The list of activities has been well thought through and includes many great ideas over a broad range of subjects – everything from arts and craft based activities through to suggestions to help trigger past memories and spark conversations – even providing suggestions on how best to use YouTube to steer reminiscence!

The result is a fun and fairly timeless guide to dementia care for the growing number of people around the country caring for a friend or loved one living with dementia.

According to Care UK, the ideas set-out in their free guide – a philosophy of Activity Based Care – were put into practice in 107 of their care homes in England and Scotland. But the suggestions, from simple ways to help someone maintain their independence to how to make the most of special occasions and days out, are just as valuable for families supporting and caring for a loved one in their own home.

A pdf of the guide can be viewed or downloaded here