April’s Carer of the Month

Written by Active Minds on Wednesday the 7th of May 2014.



Active Minds awards Carer of the Month for April 2014 to Marian Howell.

Marian works as an Activities Officer across three Extra Care service locations for Notting Hill Housing.


How many individuals do you care for, and what does your average day look like?
I work over three sites in Islington, supporting 100 customers.
I usually spend most mornings doing administrative work, such as planning events, fundraising, risk assessing, contacting volunteers etc. Then in the afternoons I run group activities at two different sites. At the end of the day I meet up with befrienders or volunteers who support some of our customers on one to one bases.

Which activities do you do with those you care for that you see the most engagement from?
Engagement very often depends on staff to customer ratio. For example, foot reflexology gets a very good levels of engagement because it’s one-to-one therapy. Out of the large group activities, music therapy perhaps gets the best engagement. However we do art with a college and I will get 2-3 volunteers to support the session. This improves the engagement with our customers.

When you are having a trying time, what keeps you going?
Generally it’s support from colleagues.

What do you enjoy most about your job as an Activities Officer?
Seeing a group of residents enjoying themselves together.

Can you recall a recent moment that made you smile?
We had a very good laugh on Monday when we took four wheelchair users out to the local park and café with some volunteers. We all had a good laugh together – the regular volunteer get to know some of the residents well and have developed a good relationship with them, sharing jokes and so on.

Congratualtions and many thanks to Marian!

And thank you to Susanna Howard of Living Words, for her nomination.

Marian chose a London Bus puzzle as her prize.

If you would like to nominate a Carer or an Activities Co-ordinator you know and admire, please email info@active-minds.co.uk

Photo source: http://www.nottinghillhousing.org.uk/customers/supported-residents/support-services/accommodation-with-support/extra-care