Active Minds builds new product partnerships

Written by Active Minds on Friday the 20th of March 2015.


Over the last 3 months we have been busy designing new activity products. We are focusing on 3 new products that we are currently at the stages of prototyping and iterating.

Postit note brain storming session

We are working closely with 5 partner care homes, with Sue Edwards from Hallmark, Chloe Burrow and Amna Babar from NHHT, Tessa Harvey at Excel Care Holdings, Kaye and Lyn from Anchor. Together we are working on the design of new innovative activity products for people with dementia.

Active Minds is a company built on years of research and personal experience. A close working relationship with these activities co-ordinators have been essential to bring together our knowledge, experience and research to create and develop some unique new products which we are really excited about!

These rich relationships have allowed us to learn so much from their knowledge and expertise of dementia and activities. Having a safe space to trial new ideas, and get open and honest feedback with staff and residents is imperative to us ensuring we design products that are needed, and create the best experience for people with dementia interacting with our products.

After research, we learnt that many of the activity products in care homes can be quite childish, and we really wanted to make something that was more age-appropriate, and something that people with dementia can do for themselves. We wanted to design something that would cause as little frustration as possible, and instead engaged people with dementia with an activity that gave people a sense of purpose, completion and most of all fun!

Therefore Alice has been designing a game that has been created to play with residents of different capacity together. Another product is for people in later stages, and the other is for people in earlier stages who currently find our range ‘too easy’. We are visiting each home on a monthly basis and then each further visit brings together feedback, and a new prototype. We continue this process until we are happy we are ready to go into manufacture.

The new products are still in testing phase – so we can’t reveal all the details yet. Once we have finished testing, it will be sent to manufacture and it will be on sale in Autumn across the UK care home market. We are all very excited to be offing a wider range of products to more people.