Active Minds And Brighterkind Care Home Collaboration

Written by Active Minds on Monday the 18th of September 2017.


Active Minds are passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of people with dementia and those taking care of them. So, it is always lovely to hear residents and carers feedback on their experiences with our products. We were delighted to partner with Brighterkind to help distribute care home kits across the UK.


Brighterkind operate over 70 residential and higher dependency care settings. A variety of care packages are offered including an award-winning specialist dementia service. In Spring of 2017, Brighterkind launched a new dementia approach which has an overarching goal to provide a high-end care experience. They have invested in training, meals, home environment and everyday resources to ensure that this is achieved just as effectively for those living with cognitive challenges.

As part of the approach, a key area which Brighterkind wanted to improve was the daily recreational activities for individuals living with cognitive, visual and dexterity challenges. Brighterkind are providing all homes with a suite of our evidence-based activity products designed for people that may be experiencing those challenges.


Feedback has been equally positive from both residents and all team members involved.


Tewkesbury Fields – “Amazing idea to provide all of the homes with their own box.”


Scarborough Hall – “A resident started crying at the end because they hadn’t been able to do a jigsaw in years because of their eyesight. So, I will say thank you on their behalf.”


Fiona Millington – Director of Nursing, Brighterkind

“I’m absolutely delighted to see how quickly the active minds boxes have been integrated into the homes. I have no doubt that combined with the skill and passion of the teams within the homes, these boxes will enhance the lives of the resident and any family members or friends who use them.”