5 Summer-Themed Dementia Activities to Enjoy This Season

Written by Active Minds on Friday the 4th of August 2017.



The summer is well and truly here, but it wouldn’t be a traditional British summer without a scattering of showers throughout the warmer months. However, don’t let the rain clouds ruin your summer fun. Our summer-themed dementia activities are perfect to not only help keep the sun shining but also to spark memories and elicit conversation about summers and holidays from a person living with dementia’s past. A fantastic way to while away this beautifully balmy season with a loved one living with dementia.


Aquapaint – At The Seaside

Our At The Seaside Aquapaint is designed for people at the mid to late point of their dementia journey. The set includes 5 seaside-themed designs, including a donkey ride and an ice cream van, designed to spark conversation once the painting is complete. All that is needed is a pot of water and paint brush. Brush the water over the canvas to reveal one of the beautiful images, and once the water dries, the picture disappears, ready to be used time and time again.


Jigsaw Puzzle – Bikini Sunshine

Did you know the bikini was invented in 1946 and only used 30 inches of fabric? Reminisce with your loved one about beach holidays and bikinis with our cleverly designed 13-piece jigsaw puzzle. The puzzle can be assembled within the frame and on a specially printed backing board that is designed to assist and encourage the individual to complete the puzzle themselves. This jigsaw has been created for people in the mid to late point of their dementia journey.


Jigsaw Puzzle – At The Beach

Our twenty-four piece jigsaw is perfect for people who find our smaller, 13-piece puzzle too easy. Each piece has been carefully designed and tested to help people living with dementia who are in the early to mid-stage of their dementia journey. The puzzles are made from plastic, which means they are durable and easy to clean, so can be enjoyed time and time again. The stunning image on the puzzle has been created by artist Lucy Willis, and perfectly captures the beauty of a British beach.


Jigsaw Puzzle – Seaside Nostalgia

Our thirty-five piece puzzle is the largest jigsaw we have created, designed for those who found our twenty-four and thirteen piece puzzle too easy to complete. The image of a traditional British seaside scene has been carefully chosen to allow for visual impairment and to spark memories and conversation once completed.


Reminiscence Book – At The Seaside

The beautiful ‘At The Seaside’ book has been carefully created to include colourful paintings and engaging photographs, specifically chosen to evoke memories and trigger conversation. Designed to be enjoyed by people living with dementia and their carers, you can spend hours poring over the images together and discussing memories of past seaside adventures.