24-Piece Jigsaw Product Launch

Written by Active Minds on Monday the 14th of December 2015.


We’re always excited to announce a new product launch but never more so than when it’s part of our award-winning jigsaw puzzle range. That’s why we’re pleased to announce a brand new set of 24-piece jigsaw puzzles that will take their place alongside our popular 13-piece jigsaw puzzle collection.

Like our previous puzzles, the new range is still designed to encourage mental activity, maintain dexterity, and stimulate conversation but, with 24-pieces, are tailored to people living with early- to mid-stage dementia who may not find our 13-piece puzzles enough of a challenge.

All puzzles are made from durable plastic pieces and have been designed to feature unique colours, shapes, and sizes that ensure all puzzles can be completed without extra assistance.

Each of our new puzzles also features imagery intended to stimulate conversation and memory recall. Featuring artists such as Lucy Willis, Bobbi Tull, Timothy Easton, and Osmund Cain, all our images have been carefully chosen to cater to those with visual impairment as well as depicting beautiful garden and seaside scenes that we hope will stir up treasured memories.

Whether you choose At the Beach, Lilypond, In the Garden, or Sea View, these unique and carefully-designed puzzles are the perfect way to engage your loved one with an activity that will both entertain and leave them with a valuable sense of achievement.