21st September World Alzheimer’s Day

Written by Active Minds on Monday the 21st of September 2015.


World Alzheimer's Day Logo21st September World Alzheimer’s Day

World Alzheimer’s month will culminate on the 21st September 2015 with World Alzheimer’s day. It’s a great opportunity to celebrate and raise awareness of the amazing work of dementia organisations, carers, researchers, and campaigners all over the world. And this year we really do have something to celebrate. The number of over 65’s being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in the UK is beginning to stabilise as more people discover the benefits of healthy living but there’s still a lot of work to do. Deeper cuts in public spending are making it more and more challenging for those living with, or caring for someone with the condition. Without a strong support network in place, it can be both financially and physically demanding to provide an adequate level of care at home, resulting in the early hospitalisation of many patients.

World Alzheimer’s day is the perfect opportunity to help those in need during this difficult period while congratulating those who are making a huge difference in our local communities. Here at Active Minds, we’ve put together a short list of ways you can celebrate this special day.

Host a fundraising event

Whether it’s a bake-off, a raffle, a run, skip, or bungee jump, there are hundreds of ways you can help to raise money for your local Alzheimer’s charity. Every penny will either go towards funding new research or providing care for someone living with the condition.


Don’t have the time or energy to host a fundraising event? Why not just donate instead? Go without your morning coffee on the 21st September and give the money to a local dementia charity.


It’s a challenging time for the dementia community and it’s important we try to raise awareness about the growing financial and emotional challenges faced by carers and those living with dementia everyday. Dementia research is also massively underfunded with around 8 times less investment than other diseases. You don’t have to march on Westminster to be heard; simply writing to your local MP can make a huge difference.


Could you spare a day or a week to help volunteer at a local Alzheimer’s charity? There are many ways you can help, either by spending a few days working in a shop, fundraising on the street, or taking a couple of hours out to visit a local care home. You’ll meet some inspirational people who often go unrecognised for all their hard work and commitment to others.

Be there for someone

Do you know a person living with Dementia or someone who cares for someone with dementia? World Alzheimer’s Day is a great excuse to pick up the phone and see how they are. Why not meet up for a coffee and lend an ear or a hand for the day? Just a simple gesture can make a huge difference to someone who’s feeling a bit lonely or overwhelmed. We’ve got an innovative range of dementia activity products you could take along as a gift or as a way of engaging with and discovering more about an elderly relative or friend you haven’t seen for a while.