10th October: World Palliative Care and Hospice Day

Written by Active Minds on Saturday the 10th of October 2015.


World hospice and palliative care dayThis week, the whole team here at Active Minds are getting ready to celebrate World Palliative Care and Hospice day. Hospices play a vital role in dementia care, offering medical, spiritual, and compassionate support for patients and their families. On the 10th October 2015 the Worldwide Palliative Care Alliance will call on governments, communities, and the public, to recognise and support the amazing care that hospices deliver around the world.

This years’ theme is ‘Hidden Lives, Hidden Patients’, aimed at highlighting the plight of thousands of people around the world who need palliative care but cannot access it. Around 80% of the population lack adequate access to the medications required for palliative care and as little as 20 countries have integrated palliative care as part of their healthcare systems. Dementia patients are just one of a small group of patients including children, LGBT individuals, soldiers, and HIV prisoners who are suffering around the world because of a lack of accessible and affordable hospice or palliative care services.

Here are just three ways that you can help to raise public awareness, improve access, and raise funds for a palliative care charity in your area this week.

Host an event

Whether it’s a walk for life, a street party, or a cake sale, there are hundreds of ways that you can raise money for your local hospice or charity. An event also provides a more informal and relaxed environment to discuss palliative and hospice care with loved ones and patients.


You can write to your local MP or newspaper to raise awareness of the issues facing vulnerable patients in need of palliative care. You could also write a blog on the subject or create an online petition to send to your local government.

Create links and partnerships

If you work for a hospice you could look at creating a partnership with another hospice overseas and then organise events together. You could also seek the support of local businesses and join up with other health-care services in your local area to support each other’s causes.

Palliative care should be available to all regardless of age, race, condition, or gender. Join Active Minds this weekend in supporting your local hospices and raising awareness of the need of palliative care around the world.