VAT Relief Guide

About VAT relief

The Government offers VAT relief on goods purchased for a disabled person. The scheme allows VAT to be zero rated, providing certain conditions and criteria are met.

The HMRC website has full details on the criteria and conditions regarding VAT relief should you require further clarification or information.

We’ve outlined below how the scheme works for goods purchased through our website and how this could benefit you.

Which products are eligible?

A product must be designed solely to assist a person with a disability to enable it be eligible for VAT relief.

The majority of products on our website are eligible for VAT relief and we have flagged these up for you at the checkout.

Who is eligible to claim VAT relief?

In brief VAT relief is eligible if the following two criteria are met, and you are either a registered charity or an individual who is buying the goods for non-commercial purposes:

  1. The person who will be using these goods is chronically sick or disabled

    The HMRC definitions are:

    • “a physical or mental impairment which has long term and substantial adverse effect upon the ability to carry out everyday activities”
    • “a condition which the medical profession treats as a chronic sickness”
  2. The products are acquired for a person’s own personal or domestic use

Please note if you are buying goods on behalf of another person and wish to claim VAT relief we will ask you for some personal details regarding the individual you are buying for.

How do I claim VAT Relief?

Any claim will require a simple declaration completing which provides details of the disability and/or chronic illness. Although we do not require medical proof of the disability, we will retain details of customers who have qualified for VAT relief and share this with the HMRC if requested.

Please note it is an offense to make a false claim that you or someone you are purchasing for is eligible for VAT relief.

How to purchase with VAT relief

Once you have selected the product you wish to purchase and added it to your basket, (or go to the checkout), our site will notify you if the product may be eligible for VAT relief.

If you select that you are eligible for VAT relief you will be asked to complete a declaration. If you are not eligible please skip this step.

Our site will automatically calculate the VAT deduction if applicable and take you to the payment stage.

VAT relief does not apply to shipping costs and is assessed against individual items, and not the entire basket.

Please note if you are an international customer purchasing from outside the EU, VAT will be removed at the checkout automatically